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Goodmans perform a wide variety of surveying services with the capability to regularly operate five to six survey field parties on a daily basis. This capacity allows us the flexibility to adapt to a range of client requirements on a timely service basis. The survey capabilities include:
  • Building Surveys

  • Construction Surveys

  • Property Identification Surveys

  • Detail & Land (Site Analysis) Surveys

  • Small & Large Scale Land Subdivisions

  • Dual Occupancy Subdivisions

  • Community Title Subdivisions

  • Strata & Stratum Land Subdivisions

  • Specialised large scale construction surveys (infrastructure, roads & bridges, retail complexes, multi-storey buildings)

  • Planning & implementation of subdivision schemes for small and large scale multi stage developments

  • Engineering Site Surveys (roads, subdivision, sewer & water, buildings)

  • Leasehold Surveys

  • Gas pipeline infrastructure surveys (easement & construction)

  • Hydrographic Surveys

  • Property Council of Australia Floor Space Surveys

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