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    Simply Water & Sewer staff can assist you with your Building Plan Approval process.

    Sydney Water are now directing customers to a Water Servicing Coordinator to undertake approvals if your development is found to be within the Zone of Influence of a sewer line.

    Simply Water and Sewer staff can approve your plans upon receipt of the following items: -

  • Sydney Water Dolphin Number;

  • Service Protection Report (sewer pegout);

  • Engineering plans including building over/adjacent details;

  • Site plan with location of Sydney Waterís infrastructure.

    Simply Water and Sewer staff will also undertake the required construction encasement inspection and pier inspections as required.

    Donít Forget

    Simply Water and Sewer can provide the Service Protection Report required for your approval. We can also arrange for engineering details to be completed by Goodmans, our associate Surveying and Civil Engineering Firm.