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  • Greg Goodman - Managing Director

    Greg is the Managing Director of Goodmans and established the consultancy in 1985 in Warilla. Greg is a Registered Surveyor who graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1976. He is the current President of the Institution of Surveyors New South Wales and is committed to the management of the Surveying Profession in New South Wales.

    Greg brings to Goodmans a wealth of experience in all aspects of its customer service and has built the business on the sound fundamentals of integrity, professionalism, customer service and loyalty.

  • Robert Van der Zypen - Operations Director

    Bob commenced his Surveying career in 1982 by undertaking a Bachelor of Surveying degree at the University of New South Wales and graduated in 1985. Enrolled as a candidate for Registration as a land Surveyor in 1986 he successfully completed the Board of Surveyors exams and was Registered as a Surveyor on 15 September, 1989.

    Over the last 18 years Bob has enjoyed the challenges offered by a modern Surveying practice and is responsible for the efficient operations of the Surveying Department of Goodmans.

  • David Lofberg - Technical Director

    Since graduating from the University of New South Wales (Bachelor of Surveying) in 1986, David has had 21 years experience in Land and Engineering Surveying, working with several reputable firms in Sydney, Wollongong and the Southern Highlands. He attained Registration with the New South Wales Board of Surveyors in 1991.

    Focusing on the ‘Tools and Technology’, he views keeping up with modern procedures of collecting, processing and publishing land data as vital knowledge for the progression of his career and the Surveying Profession. David is the current Secretary of the Southern Group of the Institution of Surveyors New South Wales.

  • Dijana Harrison - Engineering Director

    Dijana commenced her Civil Engineering career in 1990 by undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Wollongong and has 12 years experience in design and project management of civil projects.

    Dijana is an accredited Sydney Water infrastructure designer and project manager.

    Importantly Dijana, is responsible for the efficient operations of the Engineering Department of Goodmans.

  • Lauren Goodman - Executive Officer Simply Water & Sewer

    Lauren has been the Executive Officer of Simply Water & Sewer from its inception 5 years ago. She has overseen the successful establishment of the Water Servicing Co-ordinator into a very efficient and professional section of the Goodmans operation.

    Having completed business studies at TAFE, Lauren is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Wollongong University.

    Lauren is also the Customer Service Manager for Goodmans and it is often her friendly voice that you hear at the reception end of the Goodmans telephone.

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